With little to no interaction outside of my workplace, I sought more and more books, relied on authors, and spiritual icons in this quarantine. I invite you to share a glimpse of my journey, where I learn and unlearn again, with a “Sense of Wonder.”

Let’s start with Eckhart Tolle. No one ever told you that thinking is addictive. And beyond a point, not productive. Simple yet profound, especially when experienced, we are our thoughts, and at the same time, we are not. Brene Brown taught me to accept the paradox that exists and serves us just like a coin…

My failure is my privilege too

I matter and I don’t matter

My ideas are too big to be ignored and too small to be relevant.

I want to be remembered, but sometimes wish to forget my own self,

My virtues are my strength, I am their victim too.

I am delusional, I believe in destiny, or I question all miracles in disbelief.

My talent matters, so do my dreams. But it seems the work of my relentless desire to feed the ego that thinks it matters the most.

My opinion matters and so does yours So I acknowledge the…

My experiment with Minimalism (And yes, I fold my panties now!)

“Minimalism is just the beginning. It’s a tool. Once you’ve gone ahead and minimized, it’s time to find out what those important things are. Minimalism”
― Fumio Sasaki, Goodbye Things

To rise above the strings of material possessions, Minimalism is an amazing path. Once you are curious, the path that unfolds through the discovery is more beautiful than you can think of. The best part is, you can create your own way of adopting this method of discarding whatever is in excess and no longer serves the purpose. …

When avoiding anxiety is not always possible, shortsightedness is your best friend.

I found myself repeating to myself, “I just need to prorate my anxiety.”

After failed attempts at trying to be mindful of the present moment, choosing logic over fear and even trying medication, I decided I wanted to be friends with ‘shortsightedness’. I decided to turn the tables and use this weakness as my strength.

Prorate your anxiety

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail” may prove wrong when you are dealing with anxiety. …

Stop ‘making time go by fast’

Everyone has been in this situation before, not once but many times, where you felt low due to a mishap or trauma or for simply being a human. You tried seeking help from your closest people, your friends or family members, and all you were told were that you need to get out of your head and be busy, and you will be fine.

‘Keep yourself busy you won’t have time to be depressed.’

A suggestion to get our minds off the reality, and keep us busy doing things to avoid our own thoughts. We are busy so we don’t…

The lucky illusion

When manic, it is all about wanting to change the entire world and believing I can do it. I live these words “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

And it is not always a delusion.

If I can brace it, channel it and welcome it, I can be just crazy enough. Just a little less crazy than the bad crazy. Braver than those who let logic come in the way and play safe.

Doctors say “Let’s treat the highs first” I don’t trust them…

How at 4 I learned the gift of teaching, without going to school. We need to be uncomfortable, learn to fail big and discard the paths that lead to resistance.

In a 2017 TED TALK, the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan spoke on ‘Thoughts on humanity, fame, and love’. There was a part of the talk that resonated with me at a deep human and spiritual level.

“And I was only 14 then, and I put my father’s dead body in the back seat of the car, and my mother beside me, I started driving back from the hospital to…

Comedy made me ditch lithium.

The 2018 year end- I got a rejection letter for a job that I waited for 6 months, had a heartbreak and had been put on 4 medicines to control bipolar disorder. I was lost without any idea on what to expect. I was hitting my head with my phone to make myself not feel numb. I was crying but not feeling it. I had no plan, so I made the most impulsive decision. I decided to join an acting class. Before, I would make a big deal about every decision I wanted to make…


Mastering being a Jack of All Trades. I have many interests- poetry, entrepreneurship, stand-up comedy, writing, fitness and many more yet to be discovered.

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